Sweet Baby/ Newborn Photographer, Jamestown ND

Every time I have a little newborn in my studio and it’s time for them to leave, I die a little inside. This one happens to be family so I will get to lay my hands on her many more times. Hopefully! She just oozes baby sweetness. Congratulations to the new parents. I know that you are truly in love with this little girl.


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6 months/ Family and Child Portrait Photographer, Jamestown ND

Little girl. What can I say about you? You are just so pretty. You are like a pro at getting your pictures taken and I love taking your pictures! Can’t wait to see you when you are a whopping 9 months. This year is going way too fast. I’m sure your mommy and daddy will agree.

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Prom/ Wedding, Engagement Photographer, Jamestown ND

I just had to blog this session. Like, right now. I couldn’t wait. There is nothing more inspiring than a couple of gorgeous kids in their prime dressed TO THE NINES! Oh to be a young adult again. And who doesn’t love a dirty abandoned barn. I came home this evening with 8 wood ticks on my person, but trust me it was sooo worth it.


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