Prom/ Wedding, Engagement Photographer, Jamestown ND

I just had to blog this session. Like, right now. I couldn’t wait. There is nothing more inspiring than a couple of gorgeous kids in their prime dressed TO THE NINES! Oh to be a young adult again. And who doesn’t love a dirty abandoned barn. I came home this evening with 8 wood ticks on my person, but trust me it was sooo worth it.


For contact and pricing information, please visit

PProm6 Prom4 Prom5 Prom9 Prom10 Prom11 Prom13 Prom14 Prom15 Prom16 Prom17 Prom18 Prom19 Prom23 Prom24 Prom27 Prom28 Prom30 Prom31 Prom32 Prom33 Prom35 Prom37 Prom38 Prom39 Prom41 Prom42

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