Four/ Family Portrait Photography, Jamestown ND

Such a beautiful, happy. They were so fun to hang out with! The first thing this little girl said to me when she got out of the car was “Are you my new friend” That’s right. We are best buds. And that baby? There aren’t words.

Zeigelman_6 Zeigelman_8 Zeigelman_9 Zeigelman_14 Zeigelman_15 Zeigelman_16 Zeigelman_19 Zeigelman_22 Zeigelman_23 Zeigelman_27 Zeigelman_28 Zeigelman_29 Zeigelman_30 Zeigelman_31 Zeigelman_32 Zeigelman_34 Zeigelman_35 Zeigelman_38 Zeigelman_39 Zeigelman_44 Zeigelman_45 Zeigelman_46 Zeigelman_47 Zeigelman_48 Zeigelman32

Rachel + Anthony/ Engagement Photography, Jamestown ND

Rachel and Tony got engaged! Yay! They are so cute. Completely in love and perfect for each other. I so can’t wait for this wedding. Congrats!

Shannon_2 Shannon_8 Shannon_9 Shannon_12 Shannon_16 Shannon_20 Shannon_21 Shannon_22 Shannon_24 Shannon_25 Shannon_26 Shannon_29 Shannon_30 Shannon_32 Shannon_36 Shannon_38 Shannon_39 Shannon_40 Shannon_47 Shannon_48 Shannon_49 Shannon_53 Shannon2 Shannon4

3 months/ Child Photography, Jamestown ND

I just love this little sweetie. She is so beautiful with her dark hair and eyes and her absolutely perfect skin. On top of being so cute, she has some great parents. They just love her so much. Lucky little girl.

Nadia_1 Nadia_7 Nadia_9 Nadia_10 Nadia_24 Nadia_25 Nadia_31 Nadia2 Untitled-1

Olive/ Newborn Photography, Jamestown ND

Her name is Olive. How stinkin’ adorable is that?!   She knew this was her first photo session, and she worked the camera like it was her job. She even stuck her tongue out and didn’t even poop on me once. Go ahead and soak up all of her sweetness.

Folven_2 Folven_4 Folven_7 Folven_8 Folven_9 Folven_13 Folven_15 Folven_17 Folven_18 Folven_20 Folven_21 Folven_14

Cousins/ Family Photography, Jamestown ND

These kids are so much fun! This family is very familiar to me. I have known some of them since they were teeny tiny babies. They are a wonderful, loving family. I enjoyed taking your pictures so much!

Untitled-1 Stockert2 Stockert1 Stockert_21 Stockert_17 Stockert_16 Stockert_15 Stockert_8 Stockert_7 Stockert_4 Stockert_2

Tom + Teresa/ Wedding Photography, Jamestown ND

Tom and Teresa got married! Yay! I have known Teresa since I was a snotty little teenager and I am so honored that I got to join them for their beautiful wedding. It was an intimate little ceremony at the Pioneer Church at the Jamestown Frontier Village. Only a horse can carriage ride could make the day even more fun. Oh! Wait! They had that. 🙂 I’m so happy that you guys got married.

“You know when you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” — Dr. Seuss

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I love you forever/ Newborn Photography, Jamestown ND

Oh my sweet – you are such a squishy little bundle of awesome! You have a pouty face that’s TO DIE FOR, and your cheeks beg to be kissed (so I kissed them…couldn’t help myself….they begged me to). And don’t get me started on your dapper hair-do or how you are covered in the sweetest baby fuzz ever.

Herr_2 Herr_4b Herr_5 Herr_11 Herr_16 Herr_17 Herr_20 Herr_22 Herr_24 Herr_26 Herr_27 Herr_28 Herr_34 Herr_37b