Four/ Family Portrait Photography, Jamestown ND

Such a beautiful, happy. They were so fun to hang out with! The first thing this little girl said to me when she got out of the car was “Are you my new friend” That’s right. We are best buds. And that baby? There aren’t words.

Zeigelman_6 Zeigelman_8 Zeigelman_9 Zeigelman_14 Zeigelman_15 Zeigelman_16 Zeigelman_19 Zeigelman_22 Zeigelman_23 Zeigelman_27 Zeigelman_28 Zeigelman_29 Zeigelman_30 Zeigelman_31 Zeigelman_32 Zeigelman_34 Zeigelman_35 Zeigelman_38 Zeigelman_39 Zeigelman_44 Zeigelman_45 Zeigelman_46 Zeigelman_47 Zeigelman_48 Zeigelman32

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