I Feel Charming/ Wedding Photography, Jamestown ND

” I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Hintz_108 Hintz108 Hintz110 Hintz113 Hintz115 Hintz116 Hintz117 Hintz118 Hintz119 Hintz120 Hintz138 Hintz140 Hintz142 Hintz144 Hintz146

Senior/ Portrait Photography, Jamestown ND

” I’ve been waiting a lifetime, for this moment to come, I’m destined for anything at all.”

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I Feel Pretty/ Wedding Photography, Jamestown ND

“It’s time for makeup, perfect smile. It’s you they’re all waiting for.”

pretty1 pretty2 pretty3 pretty4 pretty5 pretty6 pretty7 pretty8 pretty9 pretty10 pretty11 pretty12 pretty13 pretty14 pretty15 pretty16 pretty17 pretty18 pretty19 pretty20 pretty21 pretty22 pretty23 pretty24 pretty25 pretty26 pretty27 pretty28 pretty29

3 Months/ Portrait Photography, Jamestown ND

This kid is amazingly adorable. He is the king of funny faces. Enjoy.

Stoppleworth1 Stoppleworth6 Stoppleworth7 Stoppleworth9 Stoppleworth10 Stoppleworth12 Stoppleworth13 Stoppleworth16 Stoppleworth21 Stoppleworth22 Stoppleworth24 Stoppleworth26 Stoppleworth28 Stoppleworth33 Stoppleworth34 Stoppleworth35 Stoppleworth37 Stoppleworth40 Untitled-1 Untitled-2

6 months/ Child Portrait Photography, Jamestown ND

What can I honestly say about Chyler? I mean, we can all see that he is the most adorable little guy in the whole world. Take a minute to absorb his cuteness.

Chyler2 Chyler3 Chyler10 Chyler12 Chyler13 Chyler16 Chyler18 Chyler22 Chyler24 Chyler28 Chyler29 Chyler31 Untitled-1

Family/ Portrait Photography, Jamestown ND

This family is so cute. Look at those adorable children. And don’t even get me started on that gorgeous mam. Dad, you are one lucky guy.

Hovda_4 Hovda_5 Hovda_6 Hovda_8 Hovda_9 Hovda_12 Hovda_13 Hovda_19 Hovda_26 Hovda_27 Hovda_28 Hovda_30 Hovda_31 Hovda_38 Hovda_40 Hovda_41 Hovda_44 Hovda_47 Hovda_48 Hovda_53 Hovda_54 Hovda_55 Hovda_60 Hovda_62 Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3 Untitled-4 Untitled-5

Celebrate/ Wedding Photography, Jamestown ND

celebrate1 celebrate2 celebrate3 celebrate4 celebrate5 celebrate6 celebrate7 celebrate8 celebrate9 celebrate10 celebrate11 celebrate12 celebrate13 celebrate14 celebrate15 celebrate16 celebrate17 celebrate18 celebrate19 celebrate20 celebrate21 celebrate22 celebrate23 celebrate24 celebrate25 celebrate26