This year we took our first official family vacation. It started out as me saying “Hey, why don’t we take the kids to the Black Hills camping and oh let’s do it over 4th of July weekend.” So we booked pretty much the first available campsite we could find and off we went.

We had to get up super early to get on the road with seven hours of driving ahead of us. Notice one little human missing? He was pretty crabby about being awake. He is just out of frame crying, in fact. We are not morning people.


We had to stop at the grocery store on the way out of town and impulse bought some cute sun hats.

So in my head, when we planned this trip I had big road trip plans. Armed with my Roadside America app I was determined to hit every landmark on the way. In reality, it isn’t all that easy to stop when traveling with a six year old, a two year old, a 140 pound black lab and a giant fifth wheel attached to your truck. So instead, we settled on taking the Enchanted Highway to add some excitement to our drive. Disclaimer: most of these pictures are taken out of our truck window.


Do you see my tiny humans in this photo?


And after lots of hours of driving and a slight gas mishap we arrived in Deadwood.


And safely to our campsite.


And after a quick trip to Walmart we were off to bed so we could get rested for the morning.

We started off the morning just the way we like it. We eased into it with some waffles and coloring.


Next we were off to drive to the top of Custer’s peak which was the main attraction at our campsite.

In this kind of weather.


And on the way up we found some cows. Now, I’m a city girl and don’t necessarily know much about the temperament of cows, but I do know that there were absolutely no fences here and this particular cow was giving me some serious stink eye. I took my picture and hightailed back into the safety of the truck.


And off to Mount Rushmore we went. Here are some pictures of it’s majestic beauty. Can you see it. Oh yeah…we couldn’t either. Too much fog.


Gracie was way more interested in Mount Rushmore than I ever thought she would be so she was pretty bummed that she couldn’t see it. Here is her being bummed.


So we promised her that we would do a drive by the next day and hung out in the museum.


Traffic was a little heavy the next day…


And off to Deadwood we go to hang out for the early evening. Deadwood is a lot of Casinos and bars. Not much to do for the kids so we focused on ice cream and souvenirs. They each got $20 to pick out some stuff and I must say, they made a wise choice.

Meet Cowboy Jax and Sheriff Gracie!

For our final day, Joe really wanted to see the Cosmos. So, we went, it was fun and I will let the pictures speak for themselves.


Water running upstream…


We finished up our sight seeing by traveling the Needles Highway. Jackson loved, loved it. He loved “climbing the mountains” and kept asking over and over again if he could climb more. Along with discovering his love for rock climbing he discovered his love for caves. I have to watch out for this boy.

And here we are. Back home. We are little more tired, a little bit poorer, but happy and full. It feels great making memories with our kiddos.



One Comment on “Vacation!

  1. Great pictures. it was reply great to run into yu guys in Deadwood. Gracie was the first person I saw.. Family is grand!

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