Joy/ Children’s Portrait Photography, Jamestown ND

“We didn’t realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.”Kayla1Kayla2Kayla3Kayla5Kayla6Kayla7Kayla8Kayla9Kayla10Kayla11Kayla13Kayla14Kayla15Kayla17Kayla18Kayla20Kayla21Kayla22Kayla24Kayla25Kayla27Kayla28Kayla29Kayla30Kayla35Kayla36Kayla37Kayla38Kayla39Kayla40Kayla43Kayla44Kayla45Kayla46Kayla47Kayla48Kayla49Kayla51Kayla52Kayla54Kayla56Kayla61Kayla62Kayla63Kayla65Kayla66Kayla67Kayla68Kayla69

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