One/ Children’s Portrait Photography, Jamestown ND

Knox is one and I am so happy and sad at the same time. I am happy because One is totally awesome and I am sad because Knox is enrolled in my Grow With Me Baby plan. He has been in my studio every three months since he was born and I will miss seeing him so much. Thank you so much, Danyal for allowing me to share his first year. Enjoy. 

Hello Baby B!/ Newborn Photography, Jamestown ND

Miss Baby B came to the studio just before Christmas. I’ll tell you a secret. I did not Baby Whisper her. She was not very happy to be on my beanbag. You know what I want you to know about that? It doesn’t matter. Babies will be babies and although I love it when they sleep you will still get a beautiful gallery if they don’t. It used to stress me out when a baby didn’t sleep, but you know what I realized? It’s not about me! Your babies are beautiful. They are beautiful awake or asleep, with or without headbands or wraps. I hope that you truly cherish your photos forever.

Also Baby B is enrolled in my Grow With Me Baby plan, so I have 4 more chances to make her like me. 😉